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10 Tutorials for Learning Sketch 3


Sketch 3 is a great application for designers. It has a flexible workflow, intuitive user interface, features that boost productivity and a streamlined design to help you create designs quickly. It’s becoming a favorite among icon, mobile, UX, product and web designers. Whether you’ve finished setting up your WordPress hosting for your website or you’re trying to create a UI for a new app, here are 10 helpful tutorials that will help you start making progress with your project.

1. Creative Bloq

A pattern library is a set of design elements (header, forums, buttons, icons, etc.) that you will be constantly going back to for your web design project. As a result, you want to build your own pattern library to make your ongoing and future projects easy to work on. Richard Child has created a tutorial that walks you through the process of creating your pattern library in Sketch.

2. CharliMarliTV

This tutorial is done by a former Photoshop web designer, so it will be incredibly helpful for those that are making the same transition. YouTube user CharliMarie provides a tutorial that walks you through the basics of Sketch 3 if you’re a brand new user. It covers how to use the basic features for designing websites, making it the perfect jump off point after you’ve set up your WordPress hosting.

3. Tutplus Water Droplet Icon

If you’re new to Sketch, it can be difficult trying to learn to design a solid vector. So why not start with simple icons? This tutorial walks you through the creation of a simple water droplet icon. It’s a simple project that anyone can complete and you’ll learn the basic building blocks for creating a full-fledged vector.

4. Maex UX/UI Redesign

Are you planning on designing apps or web interfaces? Then you have to make sure that your UX and UI design skills are up to par. Maex uses the Dropbox app as a case study in this example. The big focus is put on the workflow of the UX/UI design process. This tutorial will help new users get a grasp of how to work with Sketch in a logical, intuitive and efficient manner for UX/UI projects.

5. Tutplus Rapid Prototyping

For design professionals, prototyping is to be an essential part of the project. Whether you’re a website or app designer, you’ll need to quickly draft prototypes to map out your ideas or create a prototype template you can use repeatedly for future projects and redesigns. This tutorial is focused on rapidly building prototypes you can rely so that you don’t have to build mock ups from scratch.

6. Adam Rasheed Landing Page

Making sure you have a strong landing page is important if you’re doing any kind of business online through your website. In this five part video tutorial, designer Adam Rasheed goes through the creation of every aspect of the landing page. This covers desktop, mobile, responsive, CSS and even coding. Adam goes really in-depth into creating forms, thumbnails, layouts and more. He even shows you how to create a mock up so that your clients can get a good idea of the design before you proceed.

7. Summer Vector Art

A beautiful vector designed for an infographic, website header or an ad can really make all the difference. In this Tutplus tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a vector that’s driven by typography and flat design. It breaks down all the important steps with detail screenshots. One part of the tutorial focuses on the typography while the other focuses on the shapes so that you can get a comprehensive rundown of all aspects of this project.

8. Yuki Erqiudao

Illustration and animation style web designs have been in trend for quite some time. This tutorial will give you the skills to create beautiful illustration designs. What’s more, it’s done through the sole use of the rectangle, circle and line. Yuki Erquidao helps you take large shapes and manipulate them to create the designs that you want. This is a great introduction to flat design as most of the examples are done in this style.

9. Tutplus Login Interface

A login interface is a very simple design project that you can learn from to design other parts of a website. This tutorial by designer Armando Sotoca walks you through building the form design, creating the logo and setting the background of the login page. Everything is broken down into simple steps with accompanying screenshots so that you’re never lost in the process.

10. Learn Sketch Mini Tutorials

Although this designer sells a premium Sketch course on Udemy, he shares a collection of short two minute video tutorials that you can still get a lot of value from. Most of the tutorials are focused on adding graphic effects like chiseled text, drop shadows, layering images and blur effects. So if you want to add the final touches to a design element, you’ll find these tutorials to be very helpful.

If you’ve made the jump to Sketch, you’ll find these tutorials to be valuable in reducing the learning curve. The great thing about Sketch is that it’s very flexible, intuitive and streamlined. You’ll find yourself learning how to use the design app faster than it took you to learn Photoshop. There are tons of other resources on the web, so continue learning from tutorials relevant to your project and designing with the app will become second nature in no time.


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