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25 Resources for Getting Started with jQuery Development

To get the most out of JavaScript, many will argue that learning jQuery is a necessity. It simplifies programming as it reduces the number of interactions within the project. This, in turn, benefits the performance of those applications. For instance, websites get a slight boost to speed by minifying JavaScript as much as possible. The jQuery library does just that.

Below are 25 resources that are helpful when it comes to getting started with jQuery development for web hosting. It’s worth the effort to take a few moments and explore what each can provide.

1. W3 Schools

W3 Schools is an excellent source for web hosting program knowledge. Not only is it free, but users can also try coding for themselves while learning through well-developed and detailed tutorials.

2. Lynda

Lynda.com has more than 600 courses dedicated to jQuery. These lessons are powered by video and text-based content and range from beginner to intermediate applications. The system also incorporates “certificates” into a developer’s LinkedIn profile once completed.

3. Codecademy

Codecademy has a detailed course available including projects, quizzes and a final project. The syllabus is similar to what one would find on a college campus with the exception of being able to work at a developer’s own pace.

4. LearningjQuery.com

LearningjQuery.com has more of a blog feel about it compared to others in this list. However, the site is packed with a wide range of “How to” articles that span from beginner levels through advanced applications.

5. Udacity

Udacity has a free online course that spans approximately three weeks. It covers the basics of JavaScript and jQuery. The rating for the program is exceptionally high as it is taught by industry professionals.

6. The New Boston

The New Boston is a video learning site that has culminated a range of topics surrounding jQuery and its development. It’s a free site to use and pulls content directly from YouTube while teaching the language.

7. hackr.io

Another free website to use for jQuery learning is Hackr.io. This site delivers a small selection of tutorials that may be worth the time exploring. Although the site doesn’t have a lot of content available, it does cover the basics for jQuery.

8. Egghead

Egghead has a collection of materials spanning across various aspects of design and programming. The site has many a range of quick lessons available that span a variety of uses for jQuery in many different instances.

9. FreeCodeCamp

FreeCodeCamp is based on an open source community. Essentially, developers guide each other to learn more about different types of coding elements including jQuery. While it doesn’t have the classroom feel, it is a good source of information.

10. Tutorials Collection

Tutorials Collection is a very robust set of instructional pieces that cover a wide scope of jQuery procedures. Although it’s not laid out from beginning to end like other sites, the amount of material available is quite engaging.

11. Coders Eye

Coders Eye is another series of tutorials that are excellent for beginners. They are well written and easy to follow regardless if a person has had previous experience or not. Although there are only a few available, the tutorials are quite informative.

12. Udemy

Udemy is an exceptionally popular source for many applications. Its jQuery course for beginners comes with three hours of video and comes highly rated among those who have enrolled. The curriculum includes everything from first steps to creating dynamic content.


13. Webucator

In Webucator, visitors will find a selection of basic JavaScript and jQuery applications and best practices to learn from. Although some of the content may be a bit more advanced for novice users, it does offer exceptional insight to development.

14. Online Tutorials Point

Online Tutorials Point a choice of short tutorials that are great for those who want to get started immediately. While some of the pieces are not as detailed as they probably could be, the collection itself is worth a look.

15. The Odin Project

Developed by Viking Code School, The Odin Project is an excellent source of everything dealing with web development. The jQuery section is quite extensive and covers an incredible number of topics for the system.

16. Reddit

Not a lot of people consider how informative Reddit can be. This popular hub for discussion is powered by those with all kinds of skill levels. If there was one place where an expert can help with a custom jQuery command, it would be Reddit.

17. CSS Newbie

CSS Newbie doesn’t have a lot of jQuery tutorials available, but it does offer a personal touch to the content which makes for much easier reading. The only real downside to the website is the number of ads that are displayed. It can be a slow experience for those on older computers.

18. Tutorial Ride

The jQuery lessons at Tutorial Ride lack a bit of personal luster. However, the content is informative and walks users through understand the basic elements of the language as well as what each term means while programming.

19. Codex World

Codex World is another one of those sites that is laid out more like a blog. However, there are approximately 100 articles specifically targeting jQuery and what it can do. The downside to the site is that users will have to sift through the tutorials to find the beginner-level articles.

20. Ampower

Ampower is more of a content curation site than an actual source of jQuery tutorials. However, it pulls articles from all over the web to give visitors the most versatile collection of guides and information.

21. JCombat

JCombat has a collection of jQuery articles that are great for beginners. While they may not be as detail rich as some of the other systems in this list, it’s a free site that may be helpful for those just starting to program in JavaScript.

22. Peter Sommerhoff

Peter Sommerhoff has a collection of 10 short video tutorials describing what jQuery is and what can be done using the library. The videos are informative and may be worth the time to watch as most are under 10 minutes long.

23. Quackit

Quackit is another excellent free platform that guides beginners to learn jQuery. The system covers the basics from how to get started through using the library to create animations. Each section is well developed and very informative.

24. 1 & 1

1 & 1 has a great tutorial centered on the basics of jQuery for those who are just starting to learn. The content has a good flow and is easy to follow whether a developer is an expert or a beginner.

25. ZetCode

ZetCode has a detailed tutorial covering the basics of jQuery and how it can be implemented into a project. Although it is but a single article, it’s a good source for learning how the library is used.

Knowledge is Power…

When it comes to developing websites or apps, knowledge of programming is vital. While there may be short cuts to code that work, these often lead to compromised security and a weakened infrastructure. Get the most out of the programming capacity that fuels web hosting environments. It’s safe to assume the competition is.


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