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4 Ways to Grow Larger Community for A Mobile Game

As you all now, mobile game industry continues to grow bigger and bigger which makes competition tougher for mobile game developers especially indie ones. In recent situation of the mobile app markets, app owners need to increase their downloads to gain more visibility among other apps but it needs a massive effort and substantial amount of money. Most of game developers don’t know where to start when marketing their mobile game then they lose time and money due to wrong strategy. So, in this post you will find 5 proven ways to grow your own mobile game community to save your time and money when marketing your mobile game.

Engage in Social Media

Social media has vast amount of opportunities for starting to build your own mobile game community when you engage in relevant platforms with relevant materials. First, you must find places where your target audience hang out and then you can create unique contents like game trailers, screenshots to share in those social media groups and game industry related forums. If you keep posting regularly on social media, you’ll see your community sprouting up. Engaging in social media helps you to reach larger masses of your potential customers and will increase the awareness of your mobile game through its journey which will increase your downloads in the long term.

Start a Referral Campaign

After you build a small community, there is a way to double your community size with one single event. Referral Campaign. You can create a referral campaign by incentivizing your existing loyal community by offering discounts or a valuable game gift in return of sharing at social media with their friends.


Acquiring Engaged Users with Advertising

One of the most effective way is to reach your potential customers with mobile advertising techniques. Mobile advertising has very broad options of targeting features which will bring your app in front of desired audience. You can invest in user acquisition campaigns to reach and convert large masses of potential customers into loyal users of your mobile game. After you acquired vast amount of highly engaged users by advertising, you’ll see the graphic curve is still climbing up because acquiring high quality users will continue to bring more organic users with them.

Find a Social Media Influencer

Working with a social media influencer will boost your mobile game downloads but you need to choose most fitting one for your game genre. If you find one, don’t forget to give freedom to your influencer rather than limiting him with advertising standards.

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