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5 Gadgets You Must Check Out

1) Geizeer – Air conditioner are not affordable these days, you need to spend a big amount to buy one. Then take care of the electricity bill that comes with its daily consumption, spend again on the maintenance and it’s not even safe for the environment. And with summer around the corner, the demand for coolant has increased drastically. Geizeer was born out of a necessity to make our environment cooler at the cost of 1 cent per day. Made from a natural insulator – wood. It comes with a rechargeable battery, micro USB, PCBs, a DC Brushless fan and an ice pack. 24 hours of usage costs you only one cent. It is very compact and portable and since it doesn’t require an electrical connection it can be used anywhere, in any environment. Geizeer is also easy to use; you just put the ice pack (cooling elements) inside the lower half of the cube and then simply put the upper half above it such that the power sign is on the same side. This way it can only be used when the two halves are in contact with each other so this makes it safe in front of children.


2) Omnicharge World’s first smart portable powerbank. It has AC/DC output and universal charger with 2 fast charging USB ports. And its compact size allows you to take it anywhere and everywhere. You can charge a variety of electronics like laptops, phones, DSLRs, MacBook, LCD TVs or any other smart devices. Its intelligent charging system looks after the charging and discharging process with efficiency. It has an OLED screen wish displays everything in real time including battery temperature, input and output voltage level, and the battery percentage. With its wireless charging feature, you can charge your phone or your laptop by placing on top of the Omnicharge. With charging time of less than two hours via AC charger, it can extend the battery life of MacBook Air by 8-15 hours. It also has a solar panel with charges the Omnicharge effortlessly, so you can say good bye to sitting beside socket completely. Now you just sit outside with your Omnicharge and charge it without any difficulty, you can also charge your device while the Omnicharge is, simultaneously. What else do you need? You can charge your powerbank without any wires or electrical sockets and charge your devices simultaneously, truly an intelligent universal charger indeed.


3) popSLATE 2 – Ever wanted a smart watch but found it too small? popSLATE is an just the thing for you, you attach it to your iPhone like you do to a normal iPhone cover and then you are good to go, it acts as a screen to your iPhone, where you can access various features like Dashboard – being up to date with your tasks and completely customizable dashboard. It also shows you weather updates. News Feeds – keep yourself updated by knowing what is happening around you and the world with popSLATE to show you news from all around the world without even turning your phone screen on! Access to books or other digital content anywhere without the need to carry another device. You can even use your popSLATE as a wallet and you don’t need to unlock your iPhone to make a payment. Use your popSLATE to charge your phone and it shows your battery percentage in real time. Furthermore you don’t need to use a protection cover for your iPhone as popSLATE is one. Also, try checking out some exclusive voucher codes available on DealVoucherz and Savoo for this unique gadget absolutely for free. This is a limited time offer so just pick this one up early if you are really looking out to buy this.


4) eXo iPhone case – eXo iPhone case is a product of luciddream.com. It is a strong stainless exoskeleton with an impact absorption system, which gives your phone a rich and luxurious look. It protects the most vulnerable areas of the phone while keeping it virtually bare. Its design inspired by the mechanical clocks is very intricate. The mechanical quick release system giving it a nice utility by attaching the device securely. eXo is made of high-quality stainless steel treated by aerospace standards. The inside of the hard eXo is soft giving your phone a soft surface to rest on.


5) Edison D – From Taiwan’s Ching – Yun Technology, the Edison 3D is device which is capable of turning any screen into a 3D screen it is even capable of turning a 2D video into 3D. You can turn you TV into a 3D screen just by connecting this device and then using special Edison 3D glasses and enjoy the show. It can even turn your phone into a 3D screen, all you have to do is connect it in HDMI slot, and put on the Edison 3D glass then sit back and watch.

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