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A Guide to CDN

Content Delivery Network or CDN in short is a network which delivers content to you in least possible time. This network works in the back ground. It is completely invisible, you can’t see it but you can feel its presence over the internet. Each and every people in this world is connected to this network. An ahcdn provider can provide you with CDN services. A brief about this network is mentioned below.

What is CDN?

Content delivery network is a network of servers which are located at different geographic location all around the world. The content or data or media is made available to you with the help of these interconnected servers. This is basically done to speed up the transfer of files and data from one part of the world to many other part of the world in least possible time. Doing so also helps you in distributing the load and traffic equally on various other servers. When a user request a file or a webpage, the data is sent to the user from the nearest server which is present very close to his location in order to reduce the response time as well as the traffic.


How it works?

A CDN network is setup which catches the requests of clients for any file. Whenever a request is made, then traditionally the request should goes directly to the hosting server, but instead of going to the hosting server, the request is being handled by the CDN itself. The CDN server which is present closest to your geographic location will respond to your request. Then the file is transferred from the host server to that CDN server. The CDN server then provides you with the file in very less request time. The whole process is completed in just few Nano seconds and you will receive the file at your end.

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