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Advantages of SIP for Business Entities

SIP or Session Initiation Protocol is the new way to communicate. It works through VoIP or voice over Internet Protocol and as such is much cheaper than every other available method of long distance voice calls.

SIP calls are especially advantageous to businesses that are required to maintain a presence in multiple countries and regions.

Here are the major advantages of SIP

Scalability: For a start up, there will be no need for 30 or 40 connections, only 5 will do, but in a year’s time the same company might require a lot more connection. This is where the scalability of SIP calls comes in handy. As long as there is bandwidth to handle the traffic, more connections can be added anytime.

Number portability: one of the biggest point in favor of SIP is that the phone numbers connected to SIP are not actually attached to a particular device or location, so, if a call is made to a branch office for your business and it has not been answered for some reason, the call can be diverted to your main office automatically. This option can be really helpful when a big project encompassing multiple offices is being handled by your company.

Quality and reliability: Sip works over internet so local disasters and power cuts won’t affect it that much and you can always divert the calls to your other offices or mobile phones were wherever is convenient for you if the necessity arises. The quality of the calls is very high as well, a customer will be able to receive HD quality voice and video calls if their device is equipped for it.

The bottom line: in the end of the day everything is about how much more you can get for your investment. And as far as SIP goes, the ROI is rather substantial. You will notice a dip in the expenditure on handling calls almost immediately. There is no extra cost for inter office or inter branch call handoffs. SIP is handled over IP so the cost is low to begin with and you can save a substantial amount of money as well.

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