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Advantages of using IP phone system

Day-to-day communication is a must for running a business, these days though most of the communications are done through the computer, but still, you need a phone for different a lot of issues. The conventional phones are expensive and to scale them up, or down were difficult as per the requirement of business.

IP phones use broadband internet connections and thus has many advantages compared to traditional telephones.

Following are some benefits:

  • IP phones are quite easier to install, maintain and configure: You don’t need to be a technology master and do the whole wiring in your office to run IP phones. If someone has little technical knowledge, he or she can easily install it. There is software which can help in adding a new user, and it’s inexpensive. Convenient web portals help it to move smoothly, change or add any configuration. There is no need to install new hardware, just only an IP phone, such as Geandstream GXP1625 VoIP Phone.  No need to even install software.
  • Easy to scale up or down on IP phones: When you are using VoIP, you don’t need to worry and estimate how many phones you need extra and how many are sitting entirely while using a traditional telephone. All you need to do is assign a new telephone whenever a new employee joins, and then reassign if an employee leaves.
  • You can follow your employee wherever you go: Reconfiguration of the system can be done at any time by letting your users access a web portal. It also benefits if you have a business where your works are on the field, the cloud-hosted VoIP phones let calls to be diverted anywhere in the world.
  • Support an extended range of call features: All properties of traditional phones are present in an IP phone, be it call hold, call transfer, call hunt, etc., additional features like video calls and transfer of documents also can be done via IP phones.

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