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Aerial Surveying Toronto Company

SkySnap, the Aerial Surveying Toronto Company, is involved in many fields. That includes solar panel array surveying, wind farm surveying, aerial inspection, thermal photography, volume analysis and much more

SkySnap can do calculations, analysis and projections and predictions based on the data collected. Aerial Surveying Toronto Company, SkySnap is using different types of droned specially fit for the job. The selection is a challenge as the number of hours a particular drone can stay is critical.

The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or Drone can get do aerial surveying at a lower elevation. SkySnap operates throughout Canada. The operational cost of a drone is cost effective to any of other conventional methods. We are comfortable with Solar Panel Surveying, farm surveying aerial inspection, etc. We are helping insurance agencies in settling the claims,

Thermal Aerial Photography and imagining technology we employ can be a good disaster management tools.


The Aerial thermal imaging has wider applications from surveying to emergency response. Our company utilizes two primary types of drones, drones equipped with a thermal camera and drones using a high-quality combinational DSLR and thermal camera. Additionally, we can meld thermal and convectional images.

Volume Analysis including stockpile volume analysis and cut/fill quantity analysis is one of the unique plus points we have. We employ the best software as well as 2D or 3D models as situations demand. That includes stockpile volume analysis and cut/fill quantity analysis.

SkySnap offers creative solutions to the problem by critically analysing what the client needs individually. It is a process for us to redefine the business model to give you the best. We as the best aerial surveying Toronto Company is always exploring how to serve you better. We strictly comply with regulations imposed by the authorities like Transport Canada or ATC. We give high importance to safety as well. And we endeavour to keep as abreast of technology developments.

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