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All That You Need To Know About Slip Rings

What Is A Slip Ring?

Slip rings are really an indispensable electromechanical device that you’ll usually find as a common component in many of the military, industrial, and even everyday equipment.

A slip ring can be utilized as a part of any electromechanical system that requires rotation while transmitting signals or power. It can improve (1) mechanical performance, (2) simplify system operation and (3) eliminate damage-prone wires dangling from movable joints.

Other Names of Slip Rings

Some other names used for slip ring are (1) collector ring, (2) rotary electrical contact and (3) electrical slip ring. Some people also use the term commutator.

Types of Slip Rings

  • Mercury-Wetted Slip Rings – Mercury-wetted slip rings are notable for their stable connection and low resistance uses a different standard which replaces the sliding brush contact with a pool of fluid metal molecularly bonded to the contacts. It is useful in (1) Food manufacturing and processing, (2) Pharmaceutical equipment.
  • Pancake Slip Rings – As the name suggests, the conductors of a Pancake slip ring are placed on a flat disc as concentric rings focused on the rotating shaft. The form factor presents Pancake Slip Rings with major benefits, making them an ideal fit for electrical conduction in smaller and narrow smaller spaces where regular slip rings just wouldn’t work.
  • Wireless Slip Rings – Wireless slip rings are considered a substitute to traditional slip rings, as they’re normally more resilient in harsh operating environments and need less maintenance. However, the amount of power that can be transmitted between coils is limited.

Advantages of Wireless Slip Rings

  • Provides highly efficient transfer of power and data across short distances
  • Eliminates heating or friction between stationary and rotating circuit contacts
  • Provides complete freedom of movement, high RPM and no need for lubrication and cooling
  • Cost-effective and maintenance-free alternative to typical mechanical slip rings
  • Solves the issue of continuity of data and power delivery

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