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All You Need To Know About Smart Home Devices

If you’re a techie embracing the new generation in New York City, then you are probably testing out smart home devices by getting a Handy professional to administer the devices and integrate it to the rest of your small city apartment. Perhaps all of your friends are doing it, and you wish to do the same in order to keep up with the ages. However, have we dug a hole for ourselves—becoming the characters alive in the dystopian novels that we have grown to love and hate at the same time?

One reader got Handy to set up all three assistant devices that are currently on the market: the Google Home, Amazon Echo and Apple Homepod, all to realize that they each have their defaults in making her place sometimes resemble something like a haunted home with voices that live in the faucets and walls. She’ll be mid-conversation at a dinner party at her place to then hear Taylor Swift music blasting, or Siri waking up asking her to repeat the question once again. This happens at least once a week, on all three channels. And this is a common issue amongst all owners of these digital, fantastical assistants. While your specific drawl and dictation can cause issues with certain devices, and phrases such as “Hey, sweetie” can quickly be misinterpreted as “Hey, Siri”, the Amazon device thankfully allows users to change the automation question to whatever the user desires. So that means the Amazon Echo (aka Alexa) can respond to you with the name of your choice, even something as crazy as blueberry fairy queen.

The truth of the matter is, no one really needs an Alexa to be handy every minute of their day. It simply makes people lazier. Technology’s continuous intrusion into our lives is making it harder and harder to get off our sweet butts and turn off the lights, or order our own food. We are slipping, opting for technology over real face-to-face interactions. If you think that Apple’s FaceTime is enough face-time that you need in the week, then you’re wildly wrong. You’re on the verge of falling lonely and depressed if you continue on this way.

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