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All You Wanted To Know About Magnet Link Download Process on Mac

Magnet links is an effortless way which enables the user to share torrents. The magnet links act as a catalyst and speed up the process of sharing process as well as the downloading process of the torrents. If you are a BitTorrent user then magnet links are definitely a must have for you.

Let us understand first how the magnet links work. When a torrent file is downloaded this file provides you with certain information such as torrent client app, names of files, and the link to a tracker and so on. After analyzing this information the torrent app calculates and generates a hash code for the particular torrent. This unique hash code helps you to find other users who are uploading the files which you want to download and thus you can download from them.


A magnet link speeds up this process as the magnet link already has the unique hash code which is to be generated. Thus this helps the torrent client to look up for uploaders who are uploading the same file. This helps in fast tracking of the torrents which in turn helps in fast downloading. Another advantage of magnet links is that they do not require trackers of any kind and nor do they require any additional files to be downloaded. With magnet links, you do not need to download any file but even then the functions, as well as the features provided by the magnet links, are pretty much the same. However one needs to ensure that the torrent client is associated with the magnet link before going for the same. Once that is done you just need to click on your magnet link and your torrent application will complete the rest of the procedure for you.

Download Torrents with Magnet Links on Mac

Folx works great with magnet links on Mac. To download with magnet links Mac all you need to do is follow some simple steps which are mentioned below.

  • First, download Folx and open this application on your computer.
  • Copy the magnet link
  • Then you need to follow the navigations which are


Select menu File → New Task in Folx or click the + button at the top of its main window and paste your magnet link;

  • If you wish to customize your download you can do that by clicking on the “New Task” window which is available for the same purpose.
  • To complete the process of adding the task you need to click on the OK button.
  • The Folx can also be set up to catch the download links in your browsers. If that is the case your work is all the easier as all you have to do is click the magnet link there and the rest of the procedure will be automatically be taken care of by Folx.

Thus Folx is one of the most efficient applications which can be used for downloading torrents on your Mac. Clearly, download with magnet links Mac is not at all issue if you have Folx.

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