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Benefits of Mobile Workforce Scheduling Software

Many HR personnel and managers spend eight to ten hours every week simply making schedules for the next week. This is especially true for managers and HR personnel who must create schedules for a large workforce or if there are complex shift patterns. Conflicts when it comes to scheduling can hinder the quality of work. Also, conflicts can cause managers and HR personnel to waste many hours trying to correct the scheduling conflicts. Mobile workforce scheduling software is easy and efficient to use and can help prevent these problems from arising.

If you want to make scheduling easier for your company, here are some of the many benefits of using mobile workforce scheduling software.


Allows Collaborative Scheduling

One advantage of workforce scheduling software is that it usually features collaborative scheduling. The collaborative scheduling system allows your employees to manage shift trades and set their availability on their own. Thanks to collaborative scheduling, HR professionals and managers just have to ensure an employee is covering all shifts and approve employee input and requests. HR professionals and managers can save a substantial amount of time by sharing the responsibility of creating schedules with the workers.

Prevents Availability Conflicts

Another advantage of workforce scheduling software is that it will help prevent availability conflicts. Scheduling conflicts are less likely when businesses use workforce scheduling software because employees are able to set their availability and help create the schedules. There will be fewer errors when it comes to time off requests and there will be greater employee satisfaction because employees will be able to schedule fit their needs. Your business may see gains in productivity by permitting employees to work a preferred schedule.


Scheduling Takes Less Time

The vast majority of workforce scheduling software programs allow scheduled to be carried over from one week to the next easily. You will also likely be able to alter the schedule carried over by dragging and dropping. For example, you can drag the names of employees onto a shift. You can also drag a shift from one day to another day so that scheduling takes less time. There are programs that save and update automatically. Therefore, you won’t have to waste time searching for the save button nor will you have to start over if you accidentally erase a schedule before saving.

Remote Access

Mobile workforce scheduling software will allow you to access schedules remotely. In fact, you will be able to view and edit schedules from your Smartphone or tablet. Employees will be able to look at their schedules any time of day and at any time of the week. Some software programs allow employees to schedule email notifications and SMS a certain period of time before their shift starts. This will reduce issues when it comes to employees forgetting shifts or misreading the schedule.

For more information about the advantages of mobile workforce scheduling systems, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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