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Build Your Online Business on Dropshipping

When it comes to a dropshipping business, it is about selling other suppliers’ products. You can sell the products through:

  • Having your website, and getting customers to buy through your ecommerce website.
  • Publishing the products on an Amazon store.
  • Publishing the products on an eBay store.

Sometimes, you can even sell products on the Internet with no store or website. But it will make marketing the products more difficult. And you won’t seem to get repeat customers.

Your ecommerce website can be built on WordPress CMS with free and paid plugins which can support all the checkout, cart, and payment actions that are required.

Another option is to use Shopify as your eCommerce website which is a paid service. Signed up the paid option with Shopify and register your site’s domain name. Shopify name generator gives you a short guide on how to get your website’s name.

Find the supplier who you can buy this product from.

And you need a supplier or some supplies for products. The most direct way is to find a product on wholesales sites such as Dhgate, or Aliexpress.

These supplier sites are where you will get the actual wholesalers who you can order the products from. Your ordered products will be shipped by the wholesalers you have purchased from, to the addresses you have requested.

But why you should go for dropshipping?

Finally, dropshipping is a minimal risk business model, without having you to take care of product inventory, and even product delivery.

It gives you an inexpensive way to sell any product of your choice through the Internet. You will still be able to make money.

For work hours, you work on the hours of your choice.

Of course, Dropshipping is not a business model which you make you very rich overnight. It will require you to do maintenance. i.e. You need a website to sell your products, and you pay for the domain name, web hosting and all other costs.

Another business model affiliate program is not as good an option as drop shipping. With affiliate, you put the affiliate links on your website, hoping your site visitors clicking through the links and arriving at the product owners’ website.

Technically, you are sending away your hard earn customers to the product owners straight away. And it is very difficult and often impossible for you to get hold of the customers for a second purchase.

Dropshipping is a better business model than affiliate marketing when it comes to making money on the internet. It may require a bit more effort than affiliate marketing, and it is one of the best trending online business ideas.

With drop shipping, you may not even have to have a big investment upfront. Let’s break down what dropshipping is all about.

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