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Dimmable LED Light Bulbs

Dimmable LED light bulbs are unlike any other light bulb available in the market. Not only are they energy efficient, they last long too. Some say as long as 3 decades or more with normal use. This long lifespan of LED light bulbs would mean that the LED bulbs in …

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How Smart TVs Work and What They Can Be Used For

Sometimes referred to as a connected TV, a smart TV has several integrated features that allow users to perform multiple functions. Unlike a traditional television set, a “smart TV” allows for the interaction and manipulation of images and icons on the screen. For instance, if you were viewing a website …

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What to Choose: Direct TV or Dish TV?

Nowadays it is one of the great sources for entertaining yourself, you can watch your favorite movies, shows, serials, news and sports as well. But the problem is what network you should choose and why? It’s a great confusion when t comes to choose direct TV or dish Network.  There …

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