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Client Billing Is Easy With Timing App

The freelance economy is growing, every day people start their own businesses in a spare bedroom or from the kitchen table. I did this not so long ago and immediately faced challenges I didn’t know were there. I struggled to stay focused and account for my full time spent delivering work to my few clients. I tried mainting my own spreadsheet and a few stopwatch apps but they all required too much attention. Recently I found a timer app called Alpaka Punch and now I’m having more success managing my time properly – and billing for it! I imagine every business owner or freelancer needs an app like this to make sure they are able to manage time without much effort. It doesn’t matter why or what you are timing – but if you need to keep an account of your activities then Alpaka is a must-try app.

Make Incredible Time sheets:

Its just me using the app, but I get full admin control over all the timers- if I work with other people I can add them to the team and get their billed time also.

The app is free in the stores, but for the online version you need a subscription for each member of staff, even if its just one person. For this you can edit and merge timers then transfer them to accounts or timesheets easily. There is a free trial so you don’t have to commit if you don’t get on with it. I’m 3 weeks into my usage and I have recovered so much un-billed time that it is paying for itself and then some. Thanks Alpaka!

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