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Convert JPEG file to ICO File for Free Online

For converting jpg to ico, you need to use converter and converter doesn’t come for free. The reason is that the converter is made by a coder or by a team of coders and there is always hard work behind creating a program or an app. Therefore, they deserve to ask to be paid if you use their app or program.

There is also converter jpg to ico available which you can download for free, but they carry a package of unwanted things in them which you don’t want, and a few of them might even damage your computer. Downloading unknown files are dangerous, and malware, virus, spyware, and other malicious or harmful files get download without even your knowledge, which can do severe damage to your computer or steal your personal data from your computer.

So, how do you convert your JPEG file to Icon?

The best option if you don’t want to spend money on the converter is to use converters online. The online converters work similar to the offline converters, and your computer can’t be infected by malicious files as you are converting the file in the server of the website. The jpg to ico online converter is absolutely free of cost. Just select the jpg file and upload it, in less than a minute it will get converted. You can convert as many as files you want to convert, and the converted .ico file will be of good quality.

What is JPEG file?

The format of compressed graphics format which was standardized by Joint Photographic Experts Groups is a .jpg file. JPEG file can support 24-bit color, and lossy compression is used to compress it.

What is an Icon file?

An image file format used for computer icons in Microsoft Windows is called Icon file or .ico file. One or more images of multiple sizes and depth of color are contained in .ico files, so that they can be adequately scaled.

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