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Crowdfund Social Reviews & Scam Prevention

As a technology blogger I couldn’t help but look into the Crowdfund Social reviews that came my way from successful crowdfunding projects. I think it’s great that a service is dedicated to helping crowdfunders get more funding for their projects. We all know that crowdfunders could always use some help in promoting it. Anyone who has had a friend launch a Kickstarter or Indiegogo knows all too well the cries for help when their project stalls.

Crowdfund Socials reviews are mostly positive despite some obviously failed projects of questionable quality. However, when a crowdfunding service has been around as long as Crowdfund Social, you’re bound to have some bad apples. In fact, most long running crowdfunding services will have 95% positive feedback and some negative feelings. The good ones will at least.

Crowdfund Social reviews projects in both good and bad situations. Sometimes a crowdfunding project is too far gone to even help. Its sad, but true. Despite these shortcomings (which are likely unavoidable) the majority of crowdfunding campaigns just need a little more promotions to get funded. This is exactly what CrowdfundSocial.com is trying to do. They aren’t a cure for lazyness or poor planning, but they are a cure for the average project slow down.


What I like best about CrowdfundSocial.com reviews online is that they show how much people love their services, followed by one or two complainers. Reading anything bad about a Crowdfund Social scam at play usually reads like a scathing critic of crowdfunding itself. These isolated incidents give you a glimpse into someone who really didn’t know what crowdfunding is all about. Kickstarter and Indiegogo is not a place to get free money or beg. Its a place to start something great.

CrowdfundSocial understands that and gives those people an avenue to promote their project effectively. Facebook promotions and social media outreach are essential to get your crowdfunding project funded. If you don’t have the time or expertise then Crowdfund Social has you covered. Just don’t use that as an excuse for other shortcomings of the project. Their services are not meant to be a bandaid to cover up anything. The promotions are more like an injection of fuel into your fire.

I believe that crowdfunding promotion services overall are being mislabeled by what I call “crowdfund beggars”. These beggars use crowdfunding platforms simply to beg for donations. That is grossly underestimating what crowdfunding is all about. Until these beggar types stop seeing crowdfunding as a free lunch, I think we will continue to see mixed reviews about crowdfunding services no matter how great they really are. Serious crowdfunders are already seeing the difference and luckily their are using the right service to get the results they need.

To learn more about CrowdfundSocial.com reviews go online at www.CrowdfundSocial.com

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