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Database software for MAC

If you own a small business you generate and collect a massive amount of data that continues to grow with every transaction, interaction, and connection. You pull in and save data from emails, sales, social media, customer profiles, website site visits, reviews, and more. It can be difficult to juggle, manage, and effectively use all of the information you’re constantly collecting. But if you’re not utilizing the data you’re collecting, it’s simply going to waste.

Database software is essential for the organized entry, storage and indexing of your data and information. Databases store this information in structured fields, tables and columns, which allow you to summarize, sort, reorganize, group, count, total or average the data you’ve collected. Being able to view your data in so many different ways allows you to more effectively use the information you’ve collected. You are better able to understand your customers, their behaviors, and their preferences, which can lead to increased sales and better long term customer retention.

If your small business is running solely on Macs, which is becoming more and more common, here are some tips you should know to set up a database software for MAC.

Make Sure The Database is Compatible

It sounds simple, but it’s incredibly important to make sure the database you select works with your Mac OS. If the database isn’t compatible it may be unable be able to import or export data correctly, rending the application useless. Different operating systems have different file types so you want to make sure that the online database you end up using will read the format you want to import.

Check for iPhone/iPad Apps

One of the advantages to using Apple products is that they all work together seamlessly. If you’re running a business on a Mac you may be using and iPad or an iPhone as a point of sale device so you might want to see if the database software you select has a corresponding app. This will allow you to collect data on the go, which is handy if you go to a lot of conferences, trade shows, or other events that may take you away from your main business site. At the very least you want to ensure that the data you collect on your iPad or iPhone can be easily transferred to your online database.

Compatibility with Other Software

Businesses rarely collect data from a single source, usually data is being pulled in from different platforms, different data types, and different operating systems. You want to check to see if the online database you’ve selected has the ability to pull in data from wherever you’ve specified. Additionally, you’ll want to check to see if the data can be easily exported in a format that is compatible with other applications you use in your day to day business transactions so you can import, share, or display the information you’ve collected.

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