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Dimmable LED Light Bulbs

Dimmable LED light bulbs are unlike any other light bulb available in the market. Not only are they energy efficient, they last long too. Some say as long as 3 decades or more with normal use. This long lifespan of LED light bulbs would mean that the LED bulbs in your house would only have to be replaced twice or thrice during your entire lifespan!

Dimmable LED lights are catching on in the market as people look for alternative lighting sources that still fulfill their needs. In this case, people who want a different light during different times of the day can use dimmable LED light bulbs to cater to that need. LED light bulbs are more viable for this purpose as they can outlast other light bulbs such as incandescent or halogen lights. On top of that, halogen or incandescent light bulbs also pose as a health threat when they break as they contain mercury which is harmful to the health if inhaled. Dimmable LED bulbs on the other hand do not contain any harmful gasses and is much safer for domestic use.

Contrary to popular belief, LED lights can in fact light up your house. Most people think that LED light bulbs do not have enough power to light up an entire house but they are mistaken. LED bulbs can be grouped together to form a directional intense beam that is stronger than halogen or incandescent bulbs. For example, dimmable LED light bulbs can be used in the place of dimmable CFL light bulbs and would eliminate the replacing costs as LED light bulbs last as long as 3 decades.


The Best Dimmable LED Light Bulbs Model

Depending on your needs, there are a few models of dimmable LED light bulbs being sold that are particularly popular for domestic use. For example, if you need a LED light bulb to replace your spotlight, you can go for the dimmable light bulbs LED par30 7x1w model. On the other hand, if you want to replace your table lamp, the led light bulbs mr16 3w model would fit particularly well for this purpose. Not only that, dimmable LED light bulbs can also be used for decorative purposes during festivities such as Christmas where dimmable LED Christmas lights can be used to make the area being lit around the tree feel warmer or more festive depending on your preference. The LED light bulbs have a dimmable range that can be altered to suit the type of mood you want in your room at a particular time.

It might not be the cheapest lighting alternative, but in due time when more people start adopting LED light bulbs in their homes, the prices will come down and LED light bulbs will eventually replace incandescent and halogen light bulbs as the more energy efficient and environmental friendly light bulb. Why wait? Start using dimmable LED light bulbs in your house to enjoy savings on your electricity bills. Read more here at Cree Led Lights.

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