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Diverse Benefits of Archiving

As time passes people collect and record more and more knowledge.  Libraries get bigger, file systems fill up, and countless articles are written that sift through and distill that knowledge which is then disseminated it to the masses. The net effect is that ‘what we know’ as a collection of people grows.

People also have an in built desire to hoard, and that applies to knowledge just as it does to resources like food, firewood and boxes of magazine. This basic drive served us well in the days of the old days when a nice pile of resources at the back of the cave could see you through hard times.

Now don’t get me wrong, you may think that I’m about to say if you combine the ever increasing amount of ‘knowledge’ we have with our desire to hoard we’ll be in trouble… well I’m not, sort of…

In this day and age keeping a few copies of what you are working on\last year’s accounts\the family photos is a very smart thing to do. How many times have we all sworn and cursed for not having a copy of something we last worked on a year ago and now need? I can think of at least 2 occasions this year alone and it’s only April.

So I’m saying that we should be keeping a copy of everything then? No, not quite…

What would happen if you kept a copy of EVERYTHING you ever worked on? That thought scares me, I have absolutely no idea how much ‘stuff’ I have generated over the years. It has to be multiple TB’s of data just for my own personal documents, photos, etc. if everyone kept everything they ever created we would all have drowned long ago under a pile of virtual to-do lists, previous versions of documents and questionably drawn scribbles in Paint.

Ok, I’m lost. So what is your point?

Archiving Software, or rather the need for it. Whether you are looking at an enterprise setup or a basic home usage, archiving unclutters everything and keeps everything in a sorted manner. Not only does it enable the efficient use of disk space, but it also cuts down on the time you spend searching through countless files trying to find the piece of information you need. Below are some of the main benefits of deploying an archiving solution.


  • When businesses implement archiving software, they can make big savings on maintenance, backups, and the tuning of the databases.
  • Security is improved as there is a smaller dataset to work with that only contains relevant information. All of the old data gets removed and put beyond use.
  • Recovery in the event of a disaster can be sped up. Instead of restoring all of the data both old and new, newer recently used or created data can be restored first.
  • Compliance, compliance, compliance. Most countries in the world now have some kind of data protection legislation in place. These normally specify a limit on how long data can be kept for. Archiving software can ensure compliance with such legislation.
  • For larger datasets in the region of multiple terabytes backup costs can be eye wateringly expensive. An archiving solution can massively cut down on the costs incurred in backing up data. With a well implemented archiving solution you can choose to backup live data using a different schedule to archived data.

When should you consider archiving?

If your organization has reached the point where you are struggling with the challenges of archiving an ever increasing amount of data you should spend some time to look into a suitable archiving solution.

One provider you should take a look at is MLtek who develop several products including an archiving solution for network file servers. Their archiving solution is called Archive Manager and you can find more details about it here.

There is absolutely no doubt that the benefits of deploying an archiving solution are huge. The cost savings significantly exceed the initial and ongoing costs in even the smallest organization. In a large organization they can bring a huge ROI.

While we are on the subject of cost, how much would you think an archiving solution would cost for say 2 Terabyte’s of data? $5000? $3000?

Even though there has been a recent price rise, the introduction of subscription licenses mean you can now get a 2 Terabyte subscription license from MLtek for Archive Manager for $800. That’s amazing value considering what it can do for you and your organization.

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