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Easily Sync iCloud Calendar with Your Android Device

Is it even possible to sync iCloud data with Android? Yes it is possible, given that you have SyncMate to handle it for you. Since Apple doesn’t provide any app to facilitate syncing Mac, iCloud etc. with an Android device, your only option is SyncMate, an app that can synchronize iCloud calendar with Android.

What is SyncMate

SyncMate is a tool that everyone should have in their arsenal, it makes it very easy to synchronize iCloud calendar with Android. It can even be used for Mac and iOS or Android sync. SyncMate is available in expert and free versions. But if you need to sync the calenders only, the free version will do the job admirably. But if you want to sync media or folders you’ll have to buy the expert version which is totally worth every penny.


How the app works

The app is simple to operate; there is no hassle with download and installation either.

  • Ensure that auto sync between mac and iCloud is turned on. If it is disabled then enable it and wait for your Mac to sync up with the iCloud, this way all the data saved in the iCloud will be available in your Mac and you can then use SyncMate to sync your Android with Mac.
  • Run the SyncMate app, and then choose the Android device you want to sync with from the list of supported devices, connect it to the Mac.
  • Click on the + option in the top panel and check the list of plugins, next choose calendars and specify parameters.
  • Press the Sync button and your calendar events will be updated on your Android.
  • You can use SyncMate to sync data between Mac and iCloud, if you have trouble with autosync.

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