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Find out how you can Resolve Your Life with TrackDat

In these days, it is hard to break bad habits and start new positive routines. To help with these tasks, you can a life logger or something similar to track your progress. One upcoming life logging tool, Trackdat aims to motivate users to change their life habits for the better. This app is a chance to find out everything that is related to the habits and the problems you may be facing and efficiently find ways in which you can improve them. You can even accomplish your goals with ease by making use of this platform. TrackDat can be considered as a comprehensive life coach.

Data analytics is a powerful tool that unfortunately is mostly inaccessible to the everyday user. In TrackDat, it is very easy to use data analytics to comprehend what you must do to reach your goals. You can also discover different people who are struggling with similar issues or trying to reach similar goals. All these things are integrated as part of this quantified self driven social life logger. What the social part means is that the more people reaching the same goals as you, the better and more effective the lifestyle change suggestions will be.

As you can imagine, privacy is the number one issue when combining a social network with your personal data. That’s why the team at OGLA says “you own and control your data and you choose who has access to it”. You no longer need to struggle when life logging to understand yourself better, break those bad habits, and improve your life. Check out TrackDat at www.trackdatapp.com. OGLA also just released a kickstarter for TrackDat at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/179048875/trackdat-a-socially-driven-digital-life-coach

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