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Four Effective Channels for Chinese Internet Marketing

SEO, PPC, WeChat and Weibo are the four typical ways to get new customers for Chinese marketing.


SEO may be complicated. The easy part is you learn the SEO techniques by reading guides, or this Chinese SEO book. Understand the stuffs, follow the instructions and implement.

When doing SEO yourself doesn’t work, another option is to consider hiring a Chinese SEO professional full time, or outsourcing it to someone who knows what he/she is doing with Baidu through search engine optimization.

SEO when done right will save you a lot of marketing budget in long term. The next three channels are all paid methods to get customers for your brand.


Baidu Pay-per-click (PPC) or Paid Search is the fast track to go top of China’s largest search engine Baidu.  Baidu PPC is a channel that you cannot skip when advertising on Baidu.

For many years, Baidu offers as many as 10 paid search ads above organic search results. It was a dreamland for advertisers who were eager to bring in new visitors (and/or customers) through Baidu.

In recent years, Baidu has made changes to their policies. The ad spots above organic search results have been reduced to four per keyword. The fewer ad spots available means many advertisers have to compete for them more fiercely. As PPC is very much an algorithm which favors whoever pays the most, many advertisers are willing to keep paying more (or submitting high bids) for their best keywords.

If you run a product promotion campaign, advertising it through Baidu PPC’s keyword search is a great way to bring in many new customers.

WeChat Ads

WeChat ads are straight forward. You buy banner (image) ads or video ads and will appear in-between all the messages in a WeChat user’s feed (i.e. Moments). WeChat Moments are the place that get the most eye-ball attention from all WeChat users. According to many WeChat users, Moments get them more than 70% of attention from other connected users, and friends of the connected users.

Another place where WeChat Ads appear is within bloggers’ WeChat subscription accounts – That is the new way of blogging in China since WeChat took off!

When your brand’s ads show up on the Celebrities’ and star bloggers’ official subscription accounts with hundreds of thousands of readership, certainly your business will get a lot of visibility and exposure.

Weibo Ads

Don’t forget Weibo was once a very popular tool just before “mobile” took off in China! Weibo was regarded as China’s twitter at that time.

On Weibo, the two types of users are always waiting to connect. Being a tool based on followers and being followed, Weibo always has followers who are finding their pop stars and celebrities to follow.

As a platform where hundreds of thousands of followers are eager for news from their followed celebrities, running ads to target the followers will certainly attract attention. When you put up Weibo ads that somewhat related to their celebrities and speak to this large follower population, they are highly likely to resonate with your messages.

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