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Get Your Hands on the Best Alternative Apps for iTunes

When it comes to hunting for the best media management and playback app, on the MacOS computers, we can without any doubt pick out iTunes. One of the vital aspects of Mac toolbox is that every user should and must enjoy it. There are so many roles and features that you get through iTunes such as the music store, jukebox, player, podcast manager, etc.

But below we have listed below a few alternatives to iTunes alternative apps which as are our consideration, does a good deal of work too. For more information, keep an eye on the details listed below:

Elmedia Player

The excellent Elmedia Player can be a powerful music downloader and AirPlay streamer and receiver. For any kind of format that you play, you will get entertained in the smoothest of ways. It also works as a great downloader of music as well as receiver and streamer of AirPlay. Through its admirable headphone virtualization feature, the sound that you hear seems to be more dimensional and real. You can alter and tune the song perfectly through the graphic equalizer. When you listen to podcast and audiobooks, you can later resume the playback from the point you had stopped it.

Now extracting MP3 files from YouTube has gotten way too easy and quick. All thanks to Elmedia Player PRO.



This app is quite similar to the iTunes and can easily play a flotilla of formats efficiently. Its format is quite alike iTunes. Tags and metadata are to the right side while the playlists is on to the left. You can easily get your Last.fm account connected to it. It can quickly discover the AirPlay ports too. You can try this app and its features for free for 30 days now.


This is known to be an open-source, cross-platform app and can again play a wide array of formats easily. It can go through contents available in your local libraries such as your OneDrive, Dropbox, Box and even Google Drive. It surprisingly also supports many streaming services provided through internet radios. It offers some awesome features such as equalizer, tagging tools, supports podcast, lyrics and album artwork too.


This app has a trouble-free, mini interface quite similar to Winamp. Yet it comes loaded with a repertoire of productive features for you. You can easily support your personal library and iTunes, can now integrate SoundCloud and also YouTube through this industrious app. Enjoying the equalizer, Sonos, gapless playback, and AirPlay get effortless now.



This is easy to operate media player especially for MacOS and comes with a noticeable interface. It can find and import your iTunes library quickly. You can connect with great widgets and get notified quickly. Now connecting to Facebook, Twitter and even Last.fm accounts are no hard task, through this media player. You can now find it for your iOS tools also.


This app supports different sorts of HD audio formats. It proffers a huge amount of audio tools like Good DitherTM, CanOpenerTM as well as Goodhertz’s sample rate converter. You will be able to notice the track that you are playing currently, and will also support AirPlay. It offers a few effect channels too.


It’s a great app that supports all kinds of OS types and works as a great managing media. Now getting connected to your Soundcloud, network servers, Spotify, and Last.fm get hassle free. You get to even share with everyone what you are presently listening on Facebook, Twitter, and Google. It will collect the tracks and artists for the songs that it is currently playing for you.


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