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How Can We Protect Payment Gateway from Fraud?

The online payment gateway for technical support and e-commerce business gives an ideal source for the online transactions. The users will be able to pay online for those services that they opt for with a huge range of options to pick the most compact mode of payment. These platforms are generally secured; however, the fraudulent activities can also happen and it will affect the number of transactions that the users do.

The online payment fraud is actually an illegal thing in which a stranger gets access to the relevant information of the user and he uses these financial details to make payments for his own use. In a lot of cases, these activities happen when the actual owner is making online payment.

Here are some ways to protect yourself from such risky situations.

Evade Phishing Mails: Many a times, users get phishing mails that they open for reverting and ultimately become a victim of fraudulent transactions. However, users can easily avoid these acts by not submitting any personal or finance details like debit card or credit card related information to any unknown source. The customer should be using these details online at the time of making payments, which is asked by trustworthy payment gateway service.


Select a Secure Platform: The tech support, ecommerce and the other highly risky business owners must use a secured online platform for carrying out the transactions. There must be a secured processing system that is protected with the https URL, which protects the online financial transactions from financial threats. A highly secure platform also asks for a total authentication of the users for a secure processing of payments.

Do Not Store Sensitive Data: Do not ask the user to store any sensitive data like login details or other personal information when making payment via payment gateway. PCI has actually forbidden requesting or even storing such information of customers; it only suggests keeping the old records with a minimum amount of data, which will be good enough for applying for refunds or even the charge-backs during the time of disputes.

Highly Secure Server and Software: The service providers of the payment gateway for technical support must use sophisticated system software, server as well as processing system for protecting the customers from online frauds. The data storage as well as hosting must be highly protected from any misuse or fraudulent act.

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