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How China Drives Traffic to Their Websites

The more China delves deeper into the Internet world and social media, the more it intertwines with the daily lives of its citizens. In particular, e-commerce has been benefitting quite a substantial amount from this. Over time, it is seen that the gap between both company and consumer can be bridged through social networks. With the right marketing strategies and an ounce of care, it’ll be a breeze to draw in people for a brand. This makes it crucial for businesses to handle their customers well and drive as much traffic as they can from these online spaces.

In the efforts to expand the online market, Chinese netizens behavior should be understood. One thing to note is that more and more people are making use of online to offline shopping. This means that information or discounts are being shown online that’ll aid them when purchasing the item offline. Another is that the Internet is not as widespread in rural China, though 60% still manage to find ways to shop online.

Chinese shoppers have also begun to shop for groceries online, and that accumulates to reach around 40% of the Chinese population. They enjoy the convenience that comes with next day delivery, which saves them a lot of time and effort. Most importantly is the role of smartphones and how their many social platforms make way for brands to win them over.

For social media, brands need to have a verified account for consumer confidence. Customers need to feel reassured that any links posted on their page will lead them to the proper website. Brands would also need to establish good content quality and have them promoted via sharing. A good way to drive traffic through social media is by raving about it online.

Recommendations are easily shared on sites like Sina Weibo and Wechat, which boost the reach that they would normally be getting and encourages them to see it for themselves. Information online spreads at such a fast pace that it is important not to make any big mistakes. Even scandalous and controversial news (Guo Meimei, Rape of Nanking) can surface and permanently damage the reputation of any establishment or person.

More often than not, most websites pay very close attention to the search engine optimization or SEO for short. Search engines are important for driving traffic because usually, one searches for something that they are interested online before making any moves to seek it out. Coming up with the first few links is already a plus, seeing as many don’t make the effort to get past the first few links. While learning the inner workings of SEO is important, it’s not always necessary in China.

Baidu, a search engine somewhat similar to Google, tends to prioritize searches that shell out cash. Plain simple, as long as you pay a minimum fee, your link gets bumped up to the top of all the searches. This can normally be seen on banners or pop-ups.

Other noteworthy things to understand are that Chinese sites should be well translated, they have to load quickly (even one second legs could lead to a 16% drop in customer satisfaction), they have to get themselves a Chinese domain name, and they should be up and running on social media accounts.

As far as marketing goes, e-commerce has grabbed itself the opportunity to maximize itself on many new platforms. The applications and websites are ever changing at such a quick rate that the field needs to continually shift and adjust to keep up with the industry. At the rate China is going, there shouldn’t be too much trouble at all.

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