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How Important Is Maneuverability For A Radio Controlled Rock Crawler

Rock Crawlers are all the rage now; RC rock crawling is a tricky sport; there is very little speed involved, but the challenge of navigating through obstacles and over uneven surfaces can be quite thrilling. So, it’s not really surprising that many people are indulging their adventurous side with rock crawling.

There are many different types of RC rock crawlers available in the market. The features differ from one model to another and so does the price. The toy models are more accessible pricewise, the hobby models are costlier. If you want a high end model stuffed with features than you should be ready to pay for it as well.


Lots of uneven rough surfaces are involved in this game; you will need to navigate the vehicle through a lot of twists and turns, so a good quality soft suspension is essential. $ Wheel drive is a common feature in 90% of rock crawlers, a lesser percentage will have 4 wheel steering added as well. Having a 4 wheel steering means that the Best RC rock crawler will have more control as all 4 wheels will have the ability to control the direction in which the vehicle turns. This allows the rock crawlers greater maneuverability in tight small areas and better traction as well.

If you are looking for the Best RC rock crawler, you will need one with a narrow off road tires. Narrower rim on these tires means greater tread which leads to increased traction. You can buy from many different models of rock crawlers. Or if you have the mechanical know how then you could build it from scratch. There are also kits available in the market that requires different levels of assembly. But the complete models are more popular by far.

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