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How To Build A Successful Business Relationship At Work

In the business world, a lot of time, money and energy is put into developing lasting relationships. This runs all the way from the top of the hierarchy to the bottom. Any sort of relationship has some underlying fundamental characteristics that determine the success of the relationship. You need to be dedicated and consistent for it to be meaningful.


A relationship is built on trust. Trust is not easy to earn especially when a false persona is put on display. People want to know and understand you. This way they can make their own personal judgements in terms of your character so that they can be able to trust you. Finding a connection, common grounds and beliefs help in accelerating the relationship.


Developing mutual respect improves the relationship. This means that it doesn’t matter what position you are in, whether you are at the top of the hierarchy and the other member is at the bottom, respect is paramount.

Employees respect an employer who listens and responds accordingly. There are other ways to improve communication like using a 360 degree feedback software. The platform creates an equal playing ground and it’s much easier to work with especially if you’re running a large organization.

Get personal

Of course people like to maintain some degree of privacy when it comes to their personal life. Despite that there are important things that you could engage in like knowing about your employees’ families in general. This will make it easier for your employees to approach you when they are faced with some hard issues that could require your assistance for personal reasons.

You could also plan for fun team building exercises that are engaging. This way you can get comfortable in a different set up and improve the relationship and increase employee moral at the same time.

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