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How to Buy Second Hand Laptop In Ha Noi Safely?

When you are going to buy second hand laptop in Ha Noi, there are many things to check before you buy the laptop cu. Although you will buy used laptop in a big city that most of them have a reputable store selling good used laptop, you still need to be alarmed because there is always a risk for buying a second-hand laptop. You have to check the battery whether it is still good or not and when it’s been bad, you have to ask to reduce the price. You also need to see the screen whether there is discoloration or not or even there is a dead pixel.

Ask the store on which parts that had been replaced to get it back to normal. Checking screen and battery is still not enough, you also need to see the software license whether the software installed in a laptop is in official and real license or not. You also have to check whether the port and input are still working or not. Hardware and software check is indeed so important but besides that, you also have to see the stores and you have to buy safely. Here is how to buy laptop cu in Ha Noi safely.

See the price to investigate 

Buying laptop cũ in Ha Noi is easy when you know the tricks to get a good one. The first thing to do when you are going to buy a second-hand laptop is to see the price. Of course, you have to make sure that the price is reliable following the condition and also the brand. The brand influences durability too. That is why you have to be careful in choosing a brand. Then, when there is a too expensive laptop with a standard specification, you can skip it and when there is too low price laptop, you can also suspect why it is so cheap.

Verify all of the information provided regarding the condition 

Not all the stores in Ha Noi are trusted sellers. That is why you have to verify all of the information provided regarding the condition. It is important to verify the details given in buying laptop cu in Ha Noi because it will influence the price and also buyers’ decision whether they will go on and stop. If the stores tell that the laptop is normal, you have to check all of the hardware and also the software and make a grade on how it works. If there is a minus in certain parts, you still have to check all of the parts in choosing laptop cũ in Ha Noi. Sometimes the reputation of the store indeed influences the way they provide the details. A good store is usually honest and that is why they usually give a proper warranty.

Never buy used laptop online 

If you want to buy laptop cu tai Ha Noi, never try to buy it online because it is too dangerous. You might meet sellers that cheat and you don’t know what to do when you have got that one kind of seller. You have to meet face to face because you need to check many things in buying a second-hand laptop in Ha Noi to avoid further regret.

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