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How to Choose a Proper Microphone for Your Computer

A computer microphone is very different from a standard microphone, but there is a wide range of computer microphones and they each differ very much from the other. For someone buying a mic for the first time, the variety can be quite overwhelming. So, here are some tips to guide you while you are out shopping for a microphone.


Do you need the mic to speak to your friends and family through video chat or skype? Or do you need it for commentary while recording a video? The purpose of the two types of microphones is very different, so it is no wonder that the quality and style will be different as well. Headphones with built in mic is better suited for talking over the internet while for recording avideo, a handheld wireless one might be better.


There are three types of microphones available with respect to connectivity; analog, usb and wireless. Analog microphones can be plugged into your computer through the 3.5 mm audio jack. The upside is that you can add amplifiers and other audio processors to it, but on the downside your computer’s audio chipset might not be up to handling a high end microphone. USB microphones often come with all the extra audio processors built in and are connected via the USB ports. Wireless mics are connected through Bluetooth but the connection can often lack stability.

Dedicated or headset

Whether you need a dedicated mic or a headset will depend on your requirements, dedicated microphones are always better than headsets in terms of audio quality, but this option is most often reserved for people who need to do high intensity stuff like recording videos or podcasts, or play multiplayer games on their computer. For more information you can visit https://microphone-tests.com/computer-microphone/

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