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How to Download Facebook Videos

Apart from communication and making new friends. Facebook is the best invention that happens in the twenty-first century since its inception it has transformed an integral part of the human entertainment system. Facebook has revolutionized the way people communicate and interact with one another.

Facebook has given people opportunity to share their life history and creativity through the uploading of various genres of videos. You will have noticed by now that when you are going through your news feed, you will find different videos that show different things. There are videos showing sporting stars at their best doing what they love most. Many artists of this modern setup have also gone a notch higher to share their creativity through this great forum. I know that one way or another as a regular user you have wanted to download that crazy dance move you saw in Kanye west video or you may want to save that video that talk about how to lose weight. But you have been constantly asking yourself how? We have great websites where you can easily download all your facebook videos without a sweat. They give you control to download what you want and when you want it. Here is the list of top sites where you can get your videos from facebook.


Through their link www.fbdown.net, you can download hundreds of videos and save them for viewing later. Apart from the copying of the link option, it has a google chrome extension that makes it easy for you to get into the site. The extension will make it easy for you to access the site. Apart from facebook it also offers a chance for you to download videos from other sites.


Offers the variety of downloading experience. You can get your videos on https://keepvid.com. It has a mobile app for the popular operating system like Android and a desktop app for windows.

Private Facebook Videos as the name suggests fbdown gives you an opportunity to download any video from facebook. They have a straightforward approach to getting your videos. You just need to paste the page content and click on download. You will have your video in a few minutes depending on their length.

Save From

Save from is another site that has a very exciting way of downloading videos. You just paste the URL of the desired video and you start to download. Save from net, It has also an app that helps you to choose the quality of your video before downloading it.


https://vidflu.com/ is safe and easy to use even for beginners. It is virus free hence any content you get from it, will never harm your device. All the videos you download here can be saved to be viewed offline.

Through these five sites, you have the opportunity to get your audiovisual item from facebook hustle free. I know with this list you might be spoilt for choice, but you should know that any site you choose from this, will guarantee you the best outcome.

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