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How To Hire The Right SEO Expert

Everyone who has ever had to search online for any information, answers and statistics on practically any subject knows what a search engine is. In fact, almost everyone has had to consult Google, Yahoo, Ask, Bing or other popular search engines.

For business owners and professional bloggers, the complex science of search engine optimization means a lot to them. Research has shown that 73% of users visit the first five pages that come up within their search results. This means every webmaster wants their site to rank amongst the top five so as to attract substantial organic traffic.

The benefits of being among the top ranking websites are enormous, especially for e-commerce business owners. In fact, many other webmasters earn a living from selling advert spaces. But only high ranking websites can get the attention of advertisers.

To rise to the top of the search results, every webmaster has to either pay attention to SEO best practices or hire a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert.

SEO is complicated. And this is why many webmasters seek SEO services from experts. And because you don’t want to make any SEO mistakes, it is advisable to hire an expert. But before you make that crucial move, there are a number of things you should consider. The following tips are geared towards helping you choose the right SEO expert:


At the end of the day, only the webmaster can communicate his/goals and needs to the SEO expert. Be specific about your needs and your objectives and communicate them clearly to everyone on your web team.

If all you want is for your website to appear at the top of the search engine results, then make that clear and allow the SEO experts to focus their time and resources achieving that objective.

If on the other hand, you want the SEO expert to handle marketing and advertising, it is important to specify this in black and white. If you fail to define what you want from the onset, expect to run into conflict with your expert along the line.


The truth is that not everyone who claims to be an expert in SEO knows his onions. So before you part with your hard earned money, it wouldn’t hurt to do a little inquiry.

There is no better guarantee than seeing previously completed jobs and results. Alternatively, you can interview previous and/or current customers.

Most experts will be glad to share their portfolio with you. So be wary of any SEO expert who is unwilling or reluctant to show his previous jobs.


Do not be deceived. Just because an expert gives you a high price does not mean he will deliver a quality job. A low price from an expert, on the other hand, does not mean he will do a shoddy job.

Look for clients who have hired the SEO expert in the past. If they were satisfied with the expert’s job, then you are guaranteed to get your money’s worth.


Not all SEO experts are equal. Some are greater than others. Even if all you want now is for your site to come at the top of the search engine results, always settle for an expert who is conversant with all levels of SEO processes.

Beyond being seen, you also want to be able to sell your brand, products and services. Therefore, an SEO expert knowledgeable in website design, content marketing, and campaigns will guarantee more benefit in the long run.


Be careful with hiring an expert who will promise to get you to that top position within a short period. The truth is that some of these short-term experts cut corners and will end up incurring penalties for you.

If you want to get a result that will stand the test of time, then hire an expert who will work with you long-term in building quality links, contents and platforms, thereby gradually drawing organic traffic to your site, which will naturally take you to the top.


So how do you know you’ve hired the right SEO expert? One good way is to measure and monitor the amount of traffic directed back to your site.

If the traffic has increased, then you can be sure that the money you spent in hiring the SEO expert is not a waste after all. If there is little or no increase in traffic into your site, you’ll need to get a better SEO expert.


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