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How WeChat Shop Can Help You Generate Business

WeChat is a mobile chatting app that is heavily used in China, as a matter of fact it is the default messaging app for most of China’s smartphone owners. But WeChat has Always had bigger plans, so its no surprise that WeChat eCommerce is gaining ground and more and more businesses are signing up for it.

WeChat shop

You can set up a WeChat shop very easily. You can use a third party platform to set it up or you could do it yourself within the WeChat App. If you do it through a third party app, you might benefit from the company’s expertise in this regard.

WeChat wallet is a popular mobile wallet and it is automatically integrated in a WeChat shop. Other payment options like credit card, debit card, caifutong etc. You need to have a Chinese bank account. If you are from outside China then you have to setup a WeChat shop via specialized agencies. You can get more information here at http://ecommercechinaagency.com/wechat-ecommerce/

Benefits of WeChat shop for your business

Setup process is easy enough, you upload pictures and content about the products you are offering as well as discounts and deals. You will be given a unique QR code. Chinese customers can scan this code and then they will be redirected to your WeChat Shop. They can then order product from their phone and pay you through one of the available payment options.

 WeChat’s legacy as a messaging app is clearly noticeable. WeChat is all about communication. It is easy to reach out to customers and would be customers. You have to understand how WeChat works and how best you can use it to farther your business goals.

WeChat eCommerce framework automatically integrates your products with the social framework. You can keep in touch with your customers by speaking or by writing directly to their WeChat accounts. You can send important notifications, send them coupons and do a lot more.


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