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Increase Production and Decrease Production Cost With New Tech For Irrigation

Humankind is advancing in almost every field of science and technology, then why should agriculture stay behind. Scientists and researchers are constantly trying to optimize agriculture in such a way that production is increased while manpower and resources required are decreased.

The latest development in the field of irrigation is the drip irrigation system. This new irrigation technology is very useful as the water table around the world is being emptied out, and more and more areas are being hit by drought.

How does this unique system work?

With this system, water usage can be minimized without compromising on productivity. Thousands of feet of pipe are installed all across the fields and water is fed into the pipe. But the water is released through drips only where they are needed.

As a result weeds can’t grow because they are not getting any water. Growers can control the whole operation by controlling the flow rate and the type of dripper used.

Benefits of this technology for growers

A lot of the water used in traditional irrigation system are wasted. This new system eliminates wastage completely. Water consumption can be reduced by as much as 60% while increasing the quality and amount of crops.

Though there are significant costs in installing the irrigation system, the lion’s share of which are needed for buying solar powered pumps and electronics, the return on investment is quite high due to lowering of overheads. If pressure compensating drippers are used, even less power is required.

The drip irrigation process is not a simple one, a lot of factors need to be taken into account before the whole set up is completed. But despite its complexity and initial costs, the returns are well worth the trouble.

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