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Look Out The Features Of Latest Remote Control Boat

If you are looking to purchase the RC boat then you can choose the TFL 1111 rocket remote control boat. This type of the boat comes with the latest technology that allows the user to handle the boat easily. It is wireless remote control boat that is very easy to use. The TFL Hobby 1111 is perfectly suitable for the kids, adults, and others. By using the high-quality plastic material, they manufacture the RC TFL 1111 boat and it looks like a small but high speed. The boat offers the protection for over discharge or charge and also safe for use. It comes with the Omni-directional function, 4000mAh battery power, and others.

Features of TFL 1111 boat

The remote control boat is made of the high-end material that cannot easily damage. It comes with the unique features such as waterproof cabin, directional control, charging capacity, speed control, and others. It has built-in water cooling system that prevents the boat motor from the overheating and its dimension is 720*200*110mm.

  • Powerful motor

The RC Boat is equipped with the brushless motor that will speed up the boat up to the 60Km per hour. The advanced technology is used to make this remote control boat that offers the stable performance. It is available in a different color so you can purchase the boat as per your choice.

  • Easy control

Controlling the RC boat is very easy and the controls come with the straightforward. In the remote of the boat, you can find few buttons to control the direction and speed of the boat. It is easy to play for the child.

  • Directional and large range control

The remote control boat comes with the direction control such as forward, backward, right and left. By using the direction control you can control the device easily. It equipped with the latest technology that keeps the device from the injuries. This RC boat also comes with the long range control that allows user to control the device from the long distance.

Benefits of remote control boat

One of the main benefits of choosing this type RC boat is an advanced feature. It equipped with the self-righted when the remote control boat is flipped. The latest RC boat also comes with the high capacity chargeable battery. By using the charging technology you can charge the device quickly and its run time is ten minutes. This type of the RC boat is available at the affordable price. It is a reliable and durable boat that allows you to carry easily. This type of the boat comes with the limited warranty period. You can purchase the boat easily in the online store.

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