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Major Advantages of Using VPS Hosting

The performance of your website depends heavily on the quality of your hosting service. Most people opt for dedicated hosting because it guarantees that all the resource of the server will be yours. But dedicated servers don’t come cheap. VPS hosting can solve that problem, it incorporates the best features of dedicated hosting and shared hosting to bring you value for money.

Higher level of control

vps hosting affords you more control over your environment compared to shared hosting. You have complete root access so in case you need to install any custom software, you don’t need to wait till your hosting provider makes changes to the server to support it.


Stable and reliable hosting

Shared web hosting is very good for the providers, but not so good for the clients. The providers are concerned with quantity and not quality. So, they often oversell their servers. This means that you can run out of bandwidth any time. If another website on your server draws heavy traffic, then your website will probably slow down considerably and the loading time will increase. A server crash is not unheard of either. With VPS, even though there is an element of sharing, it wouldn’t cause you any problems as your portion of the server is yours alone.

Highly scalable

With shared hosting, the room for growth is non-existent in terms of resources. With dedicated hosting, you have the resource of a whole server at your disposal, but you might not need it when you start out, yet you will still have to pay for the unused resource. So, you are left with vps servers. Resource allocation is highly scalable with these types of server. As your need for resources increase due to high volume of visitors, you can ask the hosting provider for more resources.

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