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More on the Options and Advantages of Archiver.FS and All That It Can Do

Archiver.FS was born in 2002 as Archive Manager and since has evolved into one of the established solutions with a broad customer base. This software is being used by a wide assortment of organizations from military contractors, law enforcement agencies, government institutions, universities and almost every type company in between. It’s used in over 40 countries.

100% preserved 

Every folder and file permissions and features are preserved at 100% always and this is due to the use of NTFS for storage of archived files. You will not have any loss of information, security or context, unlike those solutions that try to store either files or file metadata in a database or only one special storage mechanism.

Daily Maintenance job and more

There is a unique daily maintenance job that returns all the recent files used during the day and exactly replicates folder and file permissions from the live system to the 2nd line storage and so much more.

There is full Unicode support for most of the file system character sets used in the world such as:

  • English
  • Chinese
  • Arabic
  • Hindi
  • Many more

Further information

For further information on this or anything else about this software click here

Subscription and perpetual licenses 

Both subscription and perpetual licenses are available. The subscription licenses are available for only $1200 for 2 TB of file processing and that is for each TB moved from the live file system to 2nd line storage. It is not charge based on the amount of data that is old and just sitting idle in 2nd line storage, only the action of moving the files to it. It’s your storage, why pay for it year upon year just to have files set in 2nd line storage?


So, in summary, Archiver.FS handles the moving of an unlimited number of files from 1st line storage to any UNC path while maintaining every file NTFS properties, permissions, and file dates in an efficient as well as seamless manner. You get many options with the flexibility to archive files any way that you want and this software is not trying to have you sign up for thousands of dollars a year upon year just to hold that data for you.

Archiver.FS promises to get the job done more reliably, cheaper and faster than any other product of this type on the market.

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