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Most popular Apple devices

Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs was widely considered to be one of the most creative minds in the modern technology world. Using his reputation he fueled interest in Apple’s products, personally announcing each one at his famous keynote speeches and focusing Apple’s efforts on design and marketing. Apple’s brand grew and attracted a following of faithful customers or even fans who followed the company’s every move. Well known for his attention to detail and perfectionist approach Jobs took part in creating most of Apple flagship devices; iPhone, iPad, MacBook, iPod, iMac and Apple II.

The famous Apple II introduced in 1977 was one of the world’s first mass produced microcomputers. Wozniak and Jobs came up with the idea of creating computers for the wider consumer market instead of limiting themselves to hobbyists and businesses. To reflect this Apple II was designed as a home appliance microcomputer that could be simply plugged in and used in any household.

Jobs came up with the idea of a shell that would hide internal machinery and make the device look more user friendly and Wozniak invented the simple user interface that we still use today: a typewriter-like keyboard and a video display screen. Apple II was also able to display color graphics, play sounds and was highly customizable due to its open architecture design. It became a gigantic commercial success and is arguably what made Apple the tech giant it is today.

Apple’s next step was the Macintosh, but while it had some success in the early 80s it began losing out to rivals particularly after the arrival of Windows based computers in the 90s. Jobs who rejoined Apple in 1997 engineered a rebrand of Macintosh under a new name iMac, which would in time become the standard naming practice for all of Apple’s products. The revival  focused on limiting the number of variants of the Mac and returning to the tried and tested formula of an all-in-one computer. Once again the product was a gigantic success and fueled Apple’s interest in other branches of technology such as mobile devices.

In 2001 Apple began its foray into the market of personal digital devices with the release of the iPod “the Walkman of the twenty-first century”. While struggling initially, by 2004 the iPod became Apple’s most sold product and dominated the digital music player market. Eventually its popularity began to fall off as other personal devices became more and more capable of playing music alongside other functions.

Unlike in previous years, Apple pioneered this new era by releasing the revolutionary iPhone in 2007 and following up with the iPad in 2010. Both products became iconic and set the standard for mobile devices, even though the market became increasingly competitive Apple still managed to sell hundreds of millions of iPads and over a billion iPhones worldwide becoming one of the largest companies in the world in the process.

The giant from Cupertino continues Jobs’s pursuit of perfection, having just recently launched their newest product: iPhone X. It’s arguably the most advanced smartphone to ever hit the open market, equipped with features such as face recognition (FaceID) or augmented reality camera (dot projector, AR Kit). Will it become as successful as the first iPhone was?

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