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Delight your viewers with cool split-screen clips with Movavi Video Editor

Are you planning to surprise your viewers with a special stroke on your videos? How about split-screen videos which play two videos side by side? Cool, isn’t it? You bet. But, how to do that? Don’t worry- you don’t need to learn any advanced editing skills here, all thanks to Movavi Video Editor. Developed by internationally-renowned software developer Movavi, the video editing software is able to help you with edgy split-screen clips in a jiffy.

The post below discusses how easily you can achieve the split-screen clips with your video with Movavi Video Editor.

Download and install

First, you will download & install Movavi Video Editor in your computer.

Add your videos

Click on Create project in full feature mode and then click on Add Media Files. It will help you to select and bring the videos to the Movavi program window.

Transfer videos

The videos that you select will be automatically added to Video Track on Movavi Timeline. But when you want to do split-screen video, you will have to drag the videos to Overlay Track – the one located over Video Track.

Decide on Split Screen Display

Movavi Video Editor enables you to split screen both vertically and horizontally. Just double-click on your video on Overlay Track and enter into editing mode. Next, open the roster over preview Window & click on Side by Side. You will find 4 buttons to choose from. The buttons indicate where your video from main video track will play. Choose a button as per your preferences. The video that rests on Overlay track will come on opposite part of your screen.

Let’s say- you can click on left button to display main video on left & the other video on right part of screen. After you have finalized everything, click on Apply.

Save your video

Click on Export and choose a video format of your choice if you want to convert the video. Then, click on Start to begin the conversion process. After the conversion, the split-screen video will be saved automatically in the Movavi library.

Features of Movavi Video Editor

  • Carries wide range of special effects, transitions and filters
  • Able to crop, add, trim and rotate clips
  • Able to insert text in the video
  • Supports all major media formats and easy video conversion

Useful tips for users

When you play the just created split-screen video, you will find the audio tracks playing of clips that you have added simultaneously. Your task is to mute one of these videos as otherwise the entire thing will be deafening for your audience. So, just go to Mute Track and click on it on either Overlay Track or Video Track.

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