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Multi Format Content: VR Makes It Real

The fans of the Wesley Snipes’ sci-fi thriller, The Recall, can rejoice now as a 13-minute companion film tied to the original has been released! Bridgegate Pictures has announced this virtual reality (VR) film, that is already available on Samsung Gear VR and is currently the second most popular film on Oculus.

The movie spearheads the Feature VR content type of storytelling where the audience gets a more immersive experience as they interact with Wesley Snipes’ character, The Hunter, as he fights off aliens and flies over the British Columbia. The story is told from the point of view of Brendan, played by Breaking Bad fame RJ Mitte.

In addition to the virtual reality technology, the movie boasts of credits like being directed by the director duo Mauro Borrelli and Josh Courtney, modified by Travis Cloyd, with OneTouch involved in distribution of the movie app. The film is produced by the joint efforts of Bridgegate Pictures, SkyVR, and Minds Eye Entertainment.

The free Recall App is making the VR film available as “in-app” priced content. While the system app streams multi-format videos, the Recall VR Abduction app happens to be the first app to monetize video content. It has an integrated in app purchase method which is picking up steadily. In addition to this, the users can watch the original movie The Recall in 2D format with cast stills and behind the scenes content, and soon in the panoramic format. Simply plug in your Oculus headset and convert your living room into a 360-degree immersive experience movie theatre with this film.

The movie has pushed the boundaries of what can be achieved with VR technology and has paved the way ahead for more producers to produce multi format content and monetize it using VR.

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