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ORM Pillars from the Best Reputation Management Consultants

The best reputation management consultants have spoken with their wise words of advice, and you should listen loud and clear if your reputation is important to you. Adults in the United States of America spend over twelve hours consuming media. This goes to show that what the media and internet portrays about you is going to soak into their memory forever—either proving to be wildly detrimental or greatly satisfactory for the bottom line of your company. Google and TripAdvisor reviews can mean everything to whether a company will survive or siphon at the bottom of the pond. Here are a few pillars that the best reputation management consultants believe all companies should address in their business strategies:

  • Ask for Reviews and Respond to them: A Moz research has dictated that reviews that last over three months aren’t significant enough to the reader anymore. You have to ask customers to go review you since Google will take into consideration the recency and number of reviews you have through its algorithm. Always respond to the reviews you receive, even if they’re negative. Try to alleviate the issue by throwing in some incentives so that other customers see how much of an accommodating company you are.
  • Display Accurate Business Listings: A business listing shows up on Google with the address in which your company is currently located at. If you change locations, make sure you make the change online or else you can cause more dismay amongst your loyal customers. Implement a process that encourages regular website and Google business listing audits so that you don’t run into this issue.

Use Operational Insights to Your Benefit: The most astute and best reputation management consultants are armed with operational information that can deter you from increasing your sales. Does Google list your fast food or fast-casual restaurant as one that has ridiculously long wait times? Use this information to your advantage by implementing in-store vertically integrated technologies to make the wait time shorter. Train your employees to overcome the rush hours by preparing popular dishes ahead of time. Over time, your reviews will flash brightly positive colours as to the changes you have made concerning your company.

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