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PlayBook Coach – A New Tech Era for Private Coaching

Let’s be honest, the world has moved online, yet it seems that the coaching industry hasn’t quite caught up. That’s where we come in. We’re an online startup aiming to move the private coaching industry online.

PlayBook is an up and coming online platform based in Australia to find and book a private coach that will support your goals, wants and needs to encourage you to play to your potential. No more worrying about searching for clubs, no more cash payments. The PlayBook Coach system allows you to book a private coach without any hassles.

Technology is the glue that hold the platform together, it is what allows thousands of private coaches across Australia to find coaching gigs. And, it’s what allows athletes to find those coaches in a convient manner.

PlayBook’s brand new Private Sports Coaching network allows Australian athletes from every different sport the opportunity to find a private sports coach.

Undeniably, private coaching is the most important tactic a sports player or athelete can undertake in their sporting career. It is extremely painful to find a private coach who is willing to take you on at the skill level you’re at, who has the expertise to help you out.

We built our service on the latest web technology to deliver a fast and beautiful experience. Simply head over to the website and sign up for our online app. No need for downloads or installation just go to any browser on any device and you have full access to our online service.

Whether you’re after a single session with a fast acting private coach to tweak what you need, or a more consistent fitness session tailored to the sport you play, PlayBook has the coach you are looking for.

We have private coaches in easily searchable sports tailored and recommended to you based on past activity and the sport you’re looking to improve your game in. The sports we offer including: Cricket, Netball, Rugby, Soccer, Tennis, Gold and many more.

Simply add your details on sign up and find coaches in your area, see prices, reviews, sessions, experience and more all in one page. Then, chat with your coach right from the app. Find our more on our private coaching for atheletes page

Having a private coach is about dedicated attention. A coach who shapes training around your personal goals, needs and wants. Someone who backs you and gives you the confidence to play to your potential.

Better your best, with PlayBook Coach!

Sign up for early access today.

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