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Professional Video Conferencing When Skype and Hangouts Are Not Enough Anymore

Acadia Federal Credit Union, a US financial institution with 5 branches and more than 50 employees, has abandoned Skype and Google Hangouts to switch to a professional videoconference solution.

The US Company was looking for a solution to modernize the business, introduce more efficient work methods, and save time and money for meetings and sharing information. The most urgent need was the ability to train staff in real time, especially the team working on credit. Videoconferencing is also crucial for weekly and quarterly meetings between people in different locations (Fort Kent, Madawaska, Sant’Agata, Saint Francis, Ashland) and for remote cooperation in day-to-day management.

In this operational context, typical of the professional use of videoconferencing, neither Skype nor Google Hangouts were able to meet the security requirements of communications but above all to resolve the problems of poor video conferencing due to the reduction in available bandwidth when many users attended virtual meetings at one and the same time.

Acadia’s IT specialists then opted for a professional videoconferencing solution. With this choice they have finally made available to the company a serviceable to guarantee:

  • High-quality audio and video even under limited bandwidth
  • Security of communications
  • No need for dedicated video conferencing hardware
  • ease of use
  • data sharing
  • chat
  • Videoconferencing

Maybe even in your business, you’re using Skype or Google Hangouts for video calls or group videoconferencing. Do you want to try to make a leap of quality with a professional videoconferencing solution of Skype alternatives Or Google Hangouts alternatives? Our ezTalks service offers professional videoconferencing in the cloud. No need to install anything on the company. You can try it online, directly from your PC, tablet or smartphone. You will be surprised by the audio-video quality and simplicity of use.

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