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Pros And Cons Of Virtual Events: Let’s Know It From A Little Close

Though the last few years were financially difficult time for a lot of businesses, but at the same time, the technology developed hugely. These are the two reasons that gave way to a virtual event platform to flourish. Virtual events like conferences or online trade shows are rising swiftly and replacing offline events.

Virtual environment platform is much cheaper to organize, and anyone from anywhere can join that platform regardless of where they stay. Everything has some drawbacks and so as virtual events, but for businesses which are small or mid-sized, the benefits are much more than drawbacks. So, let’s see the pros and cons of virtual events:


  • Money is saved: Cut of expenditure is mostly welcomed by everyone. Online trade shows and conferences are getting popular these days because they can save a lot of money. Imagine for an offline conference and trade shows; you need to book space, you need to have money for hotels, transportations and many other expenses that are work related.
  • Time Saved: Valuable time like travelling gets wasted for attending a conference offline. You waste your employees time in their work and out of their work time.
  • Note Taking Becomes Easy: For the offline event, you record information by writing notes on the table. In the online events, all you have to do is just record them, no matter if it is a text, voice, or anything, and they can be stored indefinitely.
  • Planning fast and fast set-up: Just in a matter of half-an-hour and you can set-up the whole conference. It won’t take time as it does with an offline conference, invite them, they travel, you arrange things, and then conference starts, at the fastest it will take two days.


  • Distractions: In a conference room when a conference takes place, there are no distractions, whereas, online, there are distractions like a phone ringing and even some problems with internet, etc.
  • Less Spontaneous: There is no chance that you meet a person randomly on the virtual world, whereas in the offline conference, you go for a conference, and you accidently meet another person, and who might show interest on your business.

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