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R4 Card Support Amiibos on 3DS or NEW 3DS XL Consoles?

What’s the R4 for 3DS or NEW 3DS? Can it support online games and games with Amiibos? Does this flash card hack the Amiibo figures too? Here, let me answer you these questions.

What’s the R4 for 3DS and NEW 3DS?

The R4 3DS is a flash cartridge designed for the Nintendo 3DS console that enables users to play ROMs of Nintendo DS games. The cartridge has a slot for a micro SD card, which users can load with ROMs for Nintendo DS games, as well as emulators for other consoles. Till to now they have since evolved. The R4 3DS plays not only DS games, but NES, GBA and more.

The r43ds card is today the highest selling in the market. It is considered to be able to provide the best service when it comes to playing DS ROMs, running Homebrew Apps and listening to MP3 music. It can also be used for many other activities – with an unlocked N3DS you can sure say there is an App for it 🙂

The common used r4 scheda on 3ds/3ds xl can support NEW 3DS as well, becuase of the same 3DS System. That is to say, r4 flashcard like r4i gold 3ds, r4i sdhc 3ds rts and other r4 flash cards also work on NEW 3DS(XL) to run free downloaded NDS Games. And besides this main function, r4 new 3ds flashcard supports all of the following.


Games, Homebrews and More!

With apps for Facebook, Twitter, Web Browsing, and more, you will never run out of things to do with your New 3DS r4 card.  Everything from remakes of old classic games for old computer and video game systems, to being able to play some of your favorite consoles games of yesterday with emulators for the most popular game systems. You’ll be able to play NES games, SNES, TG16 games, NeoGeo games, Gameboy and Gameboy color games as well as run thousands and thousands of classic computer games for systems like the ZX Spectrum, the C64, BBC Mirco and others. Imagine being able to take all of those old systems with you, all on your Nintendo hand held and having them all in one place – ready to play whenever you feel like it. Use inexpensive micro SD and micro SDHC cards to both store and load your games and applications and enjoy them all on your NEW 3DS(XL).

Does R4 card support games with Amiibos on 3DS/N3DS?

Amiibo is a bit of a strange case. There isn’t any one particular game that really requires amiibo (well, other than the lackluster Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival, anyway). Instead, dozens of games on the Wii U, 3DS and Nintendo Switch support various amiibo figures, unlocking content or providing bonuses you otherwise wouldn’t get.

So now we know that only 3ds/new 3ds/wii u and switch games may have Amiibos. The R4 card supports Nintendo DS games is certainly can not support it. Just because it does not support 3ds games.

Which R4 card hacks the Amiibos on Nintendo 3DS?

No such R4, but there is another physical device you can use to emulate and save 200 Amiibo toys, that’s the N2 Elite or Amiiqo.The N2 Elite (formerly known as Amiiqo) is an Amiibo back up and flash cart, allowing you to store up to 200 NFC Amiibo figures on a single chip.

N2elite,maybe you have known,is the updated version of Amiiqo, it emulates the Amiibo figures by allowing you to backup and restore the data to their own multi-slot NFC disc. Having the ability to hold up to 200 figures data on the disc means that you can store all your figures in the one device. For short, N2Elite is an Amiibo emulator currently supporting ALL existing Amiibo figurines! Here are its functions and compatibility, if you want to read a review, go to site here maxconsole.com.

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