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Reviewing Keka HR and Payroll: Here’s What You Can Expect

With endless payroll and HR software systems out there, selecting one for your company can be a convoluted job. Let’s start by saying that there are more than 300 payroll systems and HR software solutions in India. In between the competition, a relatively new company – Keka HR and Payroll – has made its mark. This is a quick review, which will help you in considering the option.

The Background

Keka HR and Payroll software was founded in 2015 by Vijay Yalamanchili. Headquartered in Hyderabad, the company has many known clients such as Godrej and Saavn. Keka differs in the way it takes a look at payroll software needs. Instead of just focusing on payroll processing, it also gives adequate attention to employee performance management. It also offers two different modules for employees and admin. The admin module has some interesting features, including the option to generate 25+ types of reports. It offers a headcount for most things in form of comprehensible charts, besides offering a feature called time-sheet that allows adding multiple projects, clients, invoices, and more. As the best payroll software India, it simplifies things for managers with a dashboard that’s easy to use and effective enough to take all the necessary information.

Finding More

We tried reaching Keka HR and Payroll for a demo, and we were quite surprised to see their quick feedback. In fact, they have been rated as one of the best for the kind of support they offer for clients. The migration to Keka HR and Payroll is as easy as it can get, and even the biggest companies with more than 20k employees can get the process done in a week. Keka has managed to offer quality features in an effective price tag, and their features are highly customizable.

If you have been looking for something that works well for your business format, consider taking a look at their website. They would offer a demo, and since this is an Indian company, they have designed and included features that are meant for this market and are compliant to statutory needs as well.

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