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Safe Sites to Download software for Windows

At some point of time or the other, if you are online, you need to download software for various purposes. And it is also true that there are many software download sites available for Windows and most of them claim that they are the best, but after a few days when your computer starts messing up, you will know that you also have downloaded something that is malicious with your software. So, being careful is a real need of this hour, or you are going to harm your privacy and your personal data will be hacked, and you will be open to other threats online. To save yourself, you should make sure that you download software from a safe website who doesn’t allow malware or any other malicious program get injected in to your computer with the software or app that you want to download. Below given are few websites which are very safe to use:

  • Microsoft: If you want to download anything concerning a software of Microsoft, you should go to Microsoft website. Microsoft website is very safe, and you can download any official Microsoft software, including security tools of Microsoft. You are going to find a Net framework and any other driver kits, and server packs for Microsoft. Your downloaded software will also get update to-time-time, and any hotfixes are done, your software will get the opportunity to update automatically. The sad thing is that you won’t be able to find any third-party software in Microsoft’s official website. To install any third-party software safely, you should go on reading this article.
  • Oshi Software: This is a website you can find any kind of You can find audio editing software, antivirus, file recovery, card games, education, etc. You can find the latest software and can even make the PCSX2 download. Oshi makes your software easy and doesn’t install any installer in your computer, just download the setup file and install them, and you are done.

This website is getting popular and is earning lots of visitors. People hate going to Google and search for the software, and then Google gives link, and you won’t know if the website you are given is an authentic website, or they will inject another program with the software in your computer. So, many people love choosing a single authentic and trustworthy website and download their software without worrying about malicious programs. If you want to make Paint Tool SAI download or any other software download, you can just go to OSHI and download the file; the website is user friendly.

  • Ninite: Ninite is one of the best websites for free software. You will find Chrome, VLC, Gimp, Spotify, Gimp, etc. in there. No bundled crapware is going infect your computer if you choose to download from Ninte website.
  • MajorGeeks: If you are thinking of downloading any software from a reliable website MajorGeeks is one of them. The style and design of the website may look old styled, but it is a very authentic website without any crapware bundles.

There are some more websites from where you can download software safely.

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