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The Back Story Of StarCraft 2

StarCraft 2 or SC 2 is a sequel that has stayed true to its roots, which is why there isn’t much of a difference in back story as compared to the original SC. Starship Troopers clearly has a profound influence on the game; this is reflected on the three species that the game revolves round. The species cannot be takes as good or bad as each of the societies have an amalgamation of the two just like our own society.

 The terrans are not as stand up guys as you might use them to be. Most of them are descendents of criminals who had been expelled from Earth. They fight with each other just as frequently as the fight with the two other species. The terran society is governed by a corrupt, power hungry government called the Terran Confederacy. In SC 2 the new government is called Terran Dominion and is lead by a totalitarian dictator named Arcturus Mengsk.


The Zergs are a bug like creature that will remind you of the similar aliens that you have seen in Starship Troopers. However, the Zergs in the game don’t have a homogenous society like the aliens in Starship Troopers. Though the hive-mind characteristics are present, it seems to be atypical as the Zergs tend to create small myriad groups instead of a huge group encompassing each and every one of them. This grouping allows for intra species political betrayals and plotting. The most significant characteristics of this species is their penchant for absorbing the genetic abilities of any species they come across and then creating hybrids.


Once upon a time, the Protoss were supposedly not as peace loving and religious as they are now. They are in fact the de facto warrior race of the SC 2 universe. They were created by another ancient species known as the Xel’ Naga who got tired of the incessant war that the Protoss fought with each other and other species. So, the Xel’ Naga abandoned them. Then an religious leader named Khas came along who established peace within the species by establishing a psionic link that united the species.

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