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The Best Security Plugin for WordPress

The security of a website is a top-priority concern. There are a lot of moments to be considered if you want to succeed with your online business but your site and information published on it should be protected in a proper way. You are expected to provide support and make it spam-free. In order to provide all aspects of safety, apply security plugin for wordpress.

What does Security Include?

  • Keep the content on your website safe. You can provide automatic content backup every day and create archive for a month or longer. Do cares that all measures taken should suit WordPress.
  • Try to make everything to achieve the better performance and the highest speed. Here you should consider the costs which can be saved, the serve images or emoji which can be refused to speed up. And do not forget about SEO – the site must be visible for targeted audience.
  • It goes without saying that your task #1 is to protect the site from hackers, spam filtering and other ways to do harm.


To provide all the above points and even more, you are offered to use the WordPress security plugins. One of the most popular ones is WordFence which offers login security, IP blocking, scanning and monitoring. When you activate it, first of all the tool checks the site as to any infections. There are several versions of it and the premium one suggests more features like country blocking, authentication in two steps, scanning in accordance with schedule and so on.

You can turn to iThemes Security providing more than 30 features for protection of the website from attacks. There are two versions of it: free and premium. It covers authentication using two factors, checking of core files, locking out users if they make numerous incorrect attempts to enter their data, and others.

There is a free plugin Sucuri offering malware scanning, auditing of security activity, a website firewall and others. You will find it in the WordPress repository. It tracks any activities on the site allowing to find the reason of a break very quickly if there is.

All In One WP Security & Firewall is also worth attention. It is good for beginners protecting the site with the newest techniques and standard security measures.

There are even more plugins with the same or some other additional options. All of them are easy to install and activate. The products are characterized with a user friendly interface and efficiency. Just study the points they cover and decide which one is the best for your individual conditions.

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