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The Best Translation Software You Can Get Your Hands On

There is hundreds of translation software in the market but only a fraction of them actually do what they claim to do. Rest of them is all malicious software trying to get into your system. Of the few that do work, there is again only a few that is state of the art with the capability to handle translation with ease. Here is a list of software that makes the cut.


This is the ultimate benchmark in translation software. It supports 75 languages with built in dictionary for all of them, there is also a spell check option available. The addition of the Wikipedia database is a masterstroke. This software can be downloaded in seconds after you have bought it. The price tag is quite reasonable considering its translation accuracy and ability to work from inside your email or chosen desktop applications. The software is incredibly easy to use and completes its task very quickly.



The voice activation is the most useful feature of this software. It can translate Microsoft office files without altering formats. The software supports a plethora of file formats and comes with multilingual packages. On the downside, the price tag is almost three times that of Babylon and it is not compatible with the MAC.



You want to translate a word or a webpage, prompt will handle both for you. However, it will not automatically identify the source language. This translation software is budget friendly and comes in many different versions that totally cover 16 languages. The software is smooth, rich and supports a number of formats. It is also quite rich in functionality and the accuracy is quite spectacular. This is a perfect option for those working with overseas offices.

In all three, Babylon supports more languages and is more pocket friendly. It also works perfectly without any bugs.

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